How to: Disable Shutter Sound in Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note

If you're trying to take a photo with your Galaxy S6, S7, S7 edge, or Note in a quiet place like museums or some high end restaurants the loud shutter sound can annoy others around you.

Unfortunately Samsung hasn't always made it easy to disable the shutter sound in your phone.  But we've got you covered with several approaches depending on your region.

US devices
  1. Open the camera app, click Settings (looks like a cog), scroll down and toggle off on Shutter Sound
Source: AndroidPit

International devices
Unfortunately the shutter sound toggle isn't available in all regions so you'll need to use one of the 3 workarounds below.

  1. Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Volume
  2. Set System volume to mute

1. Always remember to switch your sound profile to Silent


If that's a hassle then have an app handle that for you.  The drawback is that the SilentCam Switch app will pop up and take you back to your home screen every once in a while when your Samsung device is running low on RAM and automatically killed the SilentCam Switch app.
  1. Install SilentCam Switch - this app will monitor when the Samsung Camera app is started so it'll automatically switch your sound profile to Silent and switch it back to Sound when it's closed
  2. Install Keep Running - ensures SilentCam Switch keeps running
  3. Install AutoStart - No root - starts SilentCam when your phone first boots up
  4. In AutoStart - No root, click Add beside Applications and select SilentCam
  5. In KeepRunning scroll down the list of apps and click on SilentCam Switch.  Click the ... (more) button at the top right and under "After restart of an app show..." ensure "the launcher" is selected
  6. Run SilentCam Switch (this is only needed once)
  7. Optional step: you can uninstall AutoStart - No root as somehow SilentCam Switch has already been added to the list of auto start apps.  But after a firmware update, you'll need to install AutoStart - No root and perform step 4 again as the boot list is reset by Samsung

Now you can take photos without the pesky shutter sound in quiet places like museums and high end restaurants.  Let me know in the comments below if these steps have worked for you.
How to: Disable Shutter Sound in Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note How to: Disable Shutter Sound in Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note Reviewed by Eric on 3/16/2016 Rating: 5

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