HTC 10 Leaks

**Updated on 3/28 - New Leaked Photos
A silver and grey gun metal show up in the leaks.  Nothing new revealed compared to previous leaks and renders

New AnTuTu benchmark

It'll be impressive if this leaked benchmark turns to true.  The HTC 10 is seen here besting the recently released Galaxy S7 edge and iPhone 6S

**Updated on 3/11- New Leaked Photos

The new photo confirms the bottom will be the same color as the rest of the phone

Samsung and LG have just announced their flagship devices around MWC and HTC is not far behind with their HTC 10.  Announcement is planned for April 19 12th in New York City.  Gone is the "One" and "M" moniker but the A9 front and M7 back come together to create the HTC 10.  Interestingly capacitive buttons also make a return to HTC's flagship.

Leaked Photo
Oddly, in the leaked photo, the back bottom has a black plastic lip.  Hopefully production units don't have that black lip and look more like the render below

The top of the phone looks to have plastic surrounding the centered 3.5mm audio jack.  HTC's flagship will no longer feature HTC's signature BoomSound but include mono speakers on the bottom.  Also on the bottom is the mic and a microUSB Type-C connector.

HTC's CEO, Cher Wang claims the next HTC flagship device will feature a "very compelling" camera experience.  The recent A9 camera performed decently in reviews but it's going to take an impressive effort to catch up to Samsung or Sony.

With strong competition from Chinese manufacturers such as Huiwei and stand out features on Samsung's S7 and LG's G5, these leaks point to a HTC device that is going to repeat the same lackluster sales of the M9.

The current rumors point to:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 652 (depending on region)
Display: 5.15 inch, QHD, Super LED 5
Memory: 4GB, 3GB (depending on region)
Storage: 16GB, microSD card support
Camera: 12MP UltraPixel camera
Battery: 3000mAh, microUSB Type-C
Colors: Silver with white face, Silver with black face, Gold, Gun-metal
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