Google Play Services Draining Battery

If you're encountering higher than expected battery drain on your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 during idle, it might just be Google Play services that is draining your battery.

How do I know if I'm affected
Here is a normal idle battery usage graph on the Galaxy S6.  Notice that no battery usage data is available and it's only used 1% in over 11 hours

Here is Google Play services causing abnormally high battery drain
Notice that Google Play services has a high percentage and shows up at the top of the list of apps for battery usage

I let Google Play services run for a few hours to see if the drain was a one time event or resolve itself.  Sadly it continued to drain the battery until the phone was restarted around 8pm on 4/5.  After that you'll see how the battery usage levels off and looks more like the normal idle battery usage

Google Play services has consumed 58% of the battery usage which isn't normal.

At the detail level, Google Play services has consumed over 19% of the battery from the Galaxy S6 (has a battery rated at 2550 mAh)

Notice that Google Play services has been keeping the phone awake so it negates the benefits of Marshmallow's Doze feature and causes even more battery drain with the phone continuously kept awake.

Who this affects
This has happened on my Galaxy S6 running Marshmallow a few times already.  I have noticed this same problem affect the Galaxy S2 running Jellybean but have yet to see the problem appear on the HTC One M7 running Lollipop.

How to fix the issue
Unfortunately you can't shut down the Google Play services.  I've tried closing all applications and toggling off/on all data services but none have made a difference.  And letting it run in the hopes that it "fixes itself" doesn't work either.  The only way to fix the issue that I've found is to restart the phone.

Let me know if you're encountering the same problem on your Android device by letting me know in the comments your device and version of Android.
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